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The standard 24 hour SAT and ACT program runs for 12 weeks (or 12 meetings). The next ACT is on 9/11/10, and the next SAT is on 10/9/10. ACT students need to start asap in order to meet weekly before the test. SAT students need to begin weekly meetings in mid July in order to […]

The following articles are amazing! You can learn grammar and laugh at the same time. Who thought it was possible? 🙂 The first article is “The Alot is Better Than You at Everything” at Hyperbole and a Half. This one teaches you the difference between “a lot” and “alot”. It also made me cry from […]

The short answer is “now”. Many students wait until the fall of their Senior year to study for the SAT. They are often overwhelmed with responsibilities: such as school, college applications, and sports. On top of that these Seniors are usually left with one opportunity to take the test, which is fine if they do […]

Every term, I get a few students who have already been through a preparation course but didn’t see the score improvements that they expected. After a few hours of working with these students the students often say, “Wow I wish I knew that before” which inevitably leads to “I wish I had you from the […]