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Short Version: The ACT is easier to prepare for right now. My recommendation is to prep for the ACT. Most of the skills are transferrable to the SAT, so you can always try the SAT as well. Long Version: Reason 1: The difference between the correct and incorrect answers are more subtle on the SAT. […]


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I haven’t updated this page in a while, but I have definitely been blessed with some amazing students since my recent updates. I had THREE students get perfect 36s on their ACTs (congrats to Matt, Drew, and Grant!) and many more students with amazing scores (including a 1560 and a 1580 by Nick and Katy, […]

Congrats to my online students Alexa for getting a 2370 on the SAT (her superscore is a 2400!) and Rebecca for getting a 32 on the ACT (up 6 points!). Alexa lives in Boston and Rebecca lives in Ireland, so we only worked on Skype. Some people think that online tutoring is less effective than […]

The other day, I met a tutor that offers such an amazing and unique product that I had to create this Tutor Spotlight. Clarissa is the founder of Magic Pen Kids, which provides two services. First, Clarissa teaches students how to express themselves through writing and helps students become better creative writers, essay writers, and […]

Over the last week I’ve received the following text messages: 1. “i got in to stanford!!!!!!! its all thanks to you tom” -This student went from a 1750 to a 2360 by working HARD! She is my highest scoring student of all time (tied with another guy that got a 2360 on the same day!). […]

The standard 24 hour SAT and ACT program runs for 12 weeks (or 12 meetings). The next ACT is on 9/11/10, and the next SAT is on 10/9/10. ACT students need to start asap in order to meet weekly before the test. SAT students need to begin weekly meetings in mid July in order to […]