Rebecca L., Dublin

Standardized testing is an art, and Tom has certainly perfected it! I knew immediately when I first reached out that I was working with an expert. He is incredibly insightful, patient, and knows how to work with your learning style to make preparing for the upcoming test rewarding and successful. Long distance learning is a challenge, especially for a subject as tentative as the ACT, but Tom made it fun and personalized as if he was working across the desk from me rather than across the Atlantic ocean. He created a study plan that fit to my busy schedule and our time difference, meeting every week for months leading up to the test and making sure I was comfortable and knowledgeable about the material. By test day, I felt completely prepared and confident.

Tom has taught me not only how to approach a standardized test with confidence, but also incredibly important life lessons such as “What is the reality of the situation?” He increased my math score by 7 points, and my composite by 6! That truly goes to show how fantastic of a tutor he is, and what you can achieve with the right person guiding you. Even though we have never met in person, his warmth and knowledge extends across incredible lengths. I am so grateful to have Tom as my tutor, and recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to approach an upcoming test (and life!) with the confidence of a true expert.

Madson B. (a student’s mom), Long Beach

My son is a good student, and very involved in water polo and swimming year round. Therefore, I was limited in my choices of how, when, and where to have him prepare to take the SAT.

We decided that our goal would be to have him take the test October of his Junior year, and the ultimate goal was to have him prep thoroughly, take it once, and score high enough to not have to take it again. Kurt’s schedule was hectic through the summer up until the water polo “dead period” when (under CIF rules) he didn’t have practice for 3 weeks in August. That is when he planned to study for the SAT.

I looked at our options for test preparation. Two of Kurt’s peers were enrolled in a 16 week Friday/Saturday class through the summer but that was impossible with Kurt’s schedule. We decided to have a private tutor come to our home. Then of course, we had to make the choice between Regular, Master, and Premier tutor. I thought that with Kurt’s goal of taking it once, he should study with the very best tutor we could find, so, without telling my husband how much this would cost (!), I hired Tom Ito through Princeton Review.

Tom came for 6 sessions of 2 hours each before school started. Then, because Kurt’s practice test scores were still not where Kurt wanted them to be, we asked Tom to come for 4 more 2-hour sessions right up until the test date of October 6th.

Kurt took the test and scored at 2300 – 750 reading, 750 writing, and 800 math and was very happy! He is now at the end of his Junior year, just took his last 2 SAT subject tests, and is ready to complete some college applications this summer.

As a postscript, my husband asked me recently how much our SAT prep had cost. When I told him, he said, “worth every cent!” We are now booking Tom Ito for my daughter’s SAT study.

Becky L. (student from a SAT Honors Class), Palos Verdes

I SIRed to UCLA a couple days ago. USC offered me a half tuition scholarship, so it was a tough choice between those two and Berkeley. But in the end, I decided that I enjoy being close to home and in a familiar campus that I already love :]

The class was very helpful not only in learning the subjects we need for the SAT, but also in techniques we need to take the test itself. I actually think that seeing past the tricks and eliminating wrong answers instead of looking for correct answers was the most successful method. I’ve only had one SAT prep class before that was taught in my school, so I don’t really have anyone to compare you to, but I don’t see how anyone could be better! :] I think it’s much better for students to have a teacher like you who can talk with them in a more open and casual manner instead of someone who intimidates them or lectures from the front of the classroom at all times. I also think the activities you arranged (vocabulary charades/contests) as well as the questions you directed at us individually kept us alert and interested, with the additional benefit of us getting to know our classmates during games and discussions. I still use the techniques we learned in the class, whether it be in class tests or AP exams. No matter how much one knows the material, knowing how to conquer a multiple choice test still helps a lot.

Talulah R., Malibu

I’ve had a lot of tutors and Tom is far and away the best. He’s very chilled and patient; he’s supportive, but he also makes you get it done. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Kurt B., Long Beach

Tom Ito certainly earns the title “premier tutor.” His easygoing attitude and ability to adapt make for a great teacher. After having him help me for only a couple of weeks, he not only taught me basic grammar in my first language, but also taught me how to take a test. I now look forward to any and all multiple-choice tests, because now they’re not really evaluations but rather logic puzzles that I have to solve. I’m continually “sticking it to ETS” now, and I’m sure my sister will benefit from him as much as I did. He has a way of being intense (especially with timing drills) and making you really frustrated, only to build you back up again as you get better at it. I highly recommend him to anyone trying to study for the SAT or even just trying to learn more about test taking.

Lauren C., Tustin

Tom was my second SAT tutor. My first tutor helped me improve a bit, but I didn’t feel like I did the best that I could. My mom heard good things about Tom so we asked him to help me with my studies. Tom was very different from my other tutor. Tom taught me techniques that made questions easier to solve. It felt like I was in school with my other tutor, whereas Tom made it feel like we were learning to play a game. Believe it or not it became kind of fun (it was still the SAT though…). My score made a big improvement from the first test that I took after working with Tom. It was great! Eventually I went on to take the real SAT and I did much better than before!

John L., Newport Beach

I’m going to keep this short. Tom is the best SAT tutor ever. He not only changed my SAT score but also changed how I study in school. He isn’t easy but it’s worth the pain. (Tom, notice the not only…but also idiom usage. Thanks to you again).