Over the last week I’ve received the following text messages:

1. “i got in to stanford!!!!!!! its all thanks to you tom”

-This student went from a 1750 to a 2360 by working HARD! She is my highest scoring student of all time (tied with another guy that got a 2360 on the same day!).

2. “2 for 2 on college acceptance. hard work does pay off”

-We’re still waiting to hear from more schools too. This student learned so much about self-discipline during our training that I know that he’s going to succeed no matter where he ends up.

3. “Tom, thank you so much for all your support. You’ve not only helped me with the SAT, but with life as well. I just got accepted into Claremont Mckenna college early decision!!! You’re a boss, we need to all get dinner soon. Thanks Tom”

-This guy was a little lazy at first (we can laugh about that now), but he pushed through his limits, overcame personal issues, and came out a champion!

4. “Although those hours of ACT prep were probably the worst of my life, they all paid off!! I got into Emory!! Thank you sooo much Tom, you actually changed my life”

-I was hard on this student a lot because she was pretty stubborn at times. We figured out a compromise and she suddenly blossomed. It’s especially rewarding since we got through some major challenges and came out so successful.

I’m very very proud of all of these students. Getting news like this from my students makes me realize how much I love my job and my life. Keep up the good work everyone!!!