Every term, I get a few students who have already been through a preparation course but didn’t see the score improvements that they expected. After a few hours of working with these students the students often say, “Wow I wish I knew that before” which inevitably leads to “I wish I had you from the beginning.” These students often show improvements after a few meetings. However, I too wish that I had them from the beginning so I could have spent the full time to develop them and stabilize the new approaches so they can reach their maximum potential.

Experienced teachers know what’s important and what’s not. We have developed the ability to determine exactly what the student needs and how to teach it to them in the most efficient manner. The SAT is not like a school test in which a student can just regurgitate content that was memorized the night before. It requires specific understand of the various tricks and traps that the test makers lay and how to beat them.

Invest in your (or your child’s) future. We don’t want a silly test to limit one’s options in life. As the old adage state, “buy cheap, buy twice”. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions. Most students have infinite potential if they’re given the right opportunities.