The other day, I met a tutor that offers such an amazing and unique product that I had to create this Tutor Spotlight. Clarissa is the founder of Magic Pen Kids, which provides two services. First, Clarissa teaches students how to express themselves through writing and helps students become better creative writers, essay writers, and literary critics. This service alone is invaluable to students of all grade levels. What makes Clarissa’s program truly unique, however, is its secondary goal of helping students find their passion and goals.

Clarissa writes:

I have a way of identifying your children’s passions and finding the contests and unusual service projects they can spearhead to make them feel special and their lives, meaningful.

Clarissa fosters a process of self discovery in her students, illuminates intrinsic values/goals, and works to provide a means to actualize these values/goals. As a result, her students have gone on to receive prestigious awards, become published authors, speak at TED conferences, and create non-profit organizations.

It takes a special tutor to be able to offer such a service, and I would highly recommend any of my students, or their siblings, to talk to Clarissa. Perhaps she can put a “magic pen” in your hands and lead you in the (ever-important) process of self-actualization. Learn more about Clarissa at